From waste to

material goods

We deal in the following waste related products/fields: Organic waste, municipal and industrial waste, waste wood, Pre-fab/RDF/SRF, reject from industrial processes, landfill masses, public tenders relating to the waste industry, metals, plus floc and light fractions.

Norsk Råvare also delivers corporate and project environmental programs and consulting,  implementing effective operational management practices and reporting on performance.

Norsk Råvare prides itself to be an innovative and cutting edge environmental company, whereby our customers will get the best service they possibly can ask for.

Norsk Råvare is a privately held company, where the staff itself holds ownership.

Norsk Råvare has an excellent credit rating.

Your logistics partner

Norsk Råvare handles transactions and all other activities related to the end use of your waste/product

"First we seek the optimal processing solution for your waste, and then we match it with the desired flexibility to acheive the most competitive transport and overall solution for you. We furthermore handle all your documentation needs. So NR has today become a one-stop-shop for waste handling corporate needs."

Odd -Håkon Andresen

Norsk Råvare AS a sertified business:

ISO 9001 Quality Standard

ISO 14001 Environmental Standard

Research and consulting

Performing well-founded environmental recycling activities are good business decisions

Well-founded environmental recycling activities are generally more cost effective and provides a better business practice than the alternative. It will further provide your company with both knowledge of your inhouse resources and overall quality of production.

To gain profit from the resources in waste is the way of the future. By hiring Norsk Råvare you will achieve this. 

Together with our strategic network of collaborators/partners we will provide you with the understanding of one of the strongest professional environments in Scandinavia.

Companies we collaborate with are companies such as Hellik Teigen AS, Sortera Materials AB and Nortransport AS.

Norsk Råvare AS       

CoC: NO 812 189 492         

Our business address:

Trondheimsveien 184,

0570 Oslo, Norway

Email: post@norskravare(dot)no